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Osama Bin Laden Killed – How the Right and Left Will Spin the Death

If you haven’t heard yet, Osama bin Laden was killed this past weekend (see WaPo, WSJ, NYT, CNN, NPR).  This is a positive development for the United States, and the world, in my judgment.  But right now, the real work has began: the political spin machines on both the right and left are working hard to spin this story the way they want it.  I’ll make predictions now (9:50 am eastern time on 5/2/2011, about 10 hours after bin Laden’s death was announced) about how the spin machine over the next week will treat this story.  I predict by 5:00 pm eastern time on 5/3/2011, we’ll see most of these spin stories emerge.

From the left:

  1. Death of Osama is the greatest thing since sliced bread.  Death of Osama cures cancer, stops climate change, makes everyone in the world love the United States.
  2. Death of Osama shows that President Obama is the greatest commander in chief ever; President Bush had absolutely no hand in killing Osama.
  3. When a commentator slips and accidentally says “Obama” instead of “Osama,” (I already heard someone slip on NPR this morning) he or she is labeled as a racist.

From the right:

  1. Congratulations to President George W. Bush / “our military” while deliberately avoiding mentioning President Obama’s name.
  2. The death of Osama could have occurred earlier, but President Obama waited until recently to improve his election prospects.
  3. “Killing Osama doesn’t matter.  Who cares?”  (if this happened while GWB were in office, the left would be saying this, obviously).  Or, alternatively, “why are we celebrating someone’s death?  How cruel are we!”

From Donald Trump:

  1. That wasn’t Osama.  Where is the birth certificate?

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