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Stephen Colbert on the Gas Tax Holiday

Sorry to harp on the gas tax holiday so much, lately, but this is hilarious:

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Awesome Fuel Economy

If you want to get good fuel economy, sit ten feet behind a tractor trailer.  You barely have to touch the gas.  I just filled up my Toyota Camry and averaged 36 miles per gallon, after driving in tons of wind, and 1/3 of that tank city driving.  I average 36, but if you net out the city stuff and the wind, and the fact that the drive had a net elevation climb of a few thousand feet, I was probably in the mid 40s.  All hail gigantic trucks that get 2 miles per gallon that allow commoners like me to draft off of them.

P.S. I swear it’s safe.  I mean, think about how long it takes a truck to brake.  Even if you’re close to the truck, unless you fall asleep at the wheel you won’t crash into it when it starts to slow down.

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